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Genealogy and Scrapbooking

Postcards are great for making a family history scrapbook come alive.
The church where family were married, the town where they lived, the school they attended, the street where they lived are all good reasons to include cards in your family collection.

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# 11 $5 Rattenbury Street
Excellent Henderson Used 1906 postcard
#15 $16.00 Victoria Street + Post Office Excellent Used..writing on back. Very early 1900's SOLD
#18 $10.00 Methodist
Church + Victoria Street
Excellent Unused Early 1900's postcard
#21 $15.00 Public School Class Excellent Unused Early 1900's SOLD
#25 $8.00 Church of England Good Pickett Used 1915 postcard
#26 $8.00 Church of England Excellent Hurlburt Used 1911 postcard
#38 $20 Public Square and Buildings Excellent Fawcett

Used Very early 1900's SOLD
# 40
$4 Main Street Excellent  Unused 1970's postcard
#41 $10 Wesley Church Excellent oval framed Armstrong

Used 1913 postcard
#42 $8 Public School Excellent  Irene McQuoid
& Albert Cooper (teacher)

Used 1914 postcard
#43 $6 Methodist Church Excellent  Barrett & Prue

Used 1913 postcard
#44 $15 Public Library and Bandstand Excellent  Annie Armstrong

Used Very early 1900's SOLD
#46 $15 Town Hall Excellent
Used 1910 postcard
#47 $4 Greetings 1 Excellent
Used 1910 postcard
#48 $8 Greetings 2 Excellent

Used 1910 postcard
#49 $4 Greetings 3 Excellent

Used 1910 SOLD
#50 $3 Greetings 4 Good
Used 1910 postcard
#51 $55 Post Office + Business Block
Real Photo
Excellent and Rare Armstrong Used 1915 SOLD

# 54
$4 Collegiate Institute Excellent  Unused 1915-30 postcard
# 55 $10 CNR Railway Station Excellent  Glossy photo
of an old postcard. 
10.5" X 6.5"
Very early 1900's photo
#56 $15 Ontario Street Looking West Excellent
Falis Used Mailed in 1925 postcard
#57 $10 161st Battalion Leaving Station Excellent.
Glossy B/W
6.5" X 10.5"
PHOTOGRAPH of an old postcard
1918-20 photo
$65 Main Street Looking North + Hotel Normandie + Post Office
Real Photo
Excellent  Unused 1904-18
AZO Stamp Box
#59 $12 Main Street Good. Small crease.  McGinnis
Used Mailed in 1908 postcard
#60 $8 Main Street looking North Excellent  Unused 1930-40's SOLD

$15 Library Park
Real Photo
Excellent  Unused 1930's SOLD
#62 $15 Framed Albert Street Very Good  Wynn Calen? in Stratford
Used Mailed in 1910 SOLD
#63 $12 Framed RC Church Excellent.
Great Card
G.L. Cook Unused Early 1900's postcard
#64 $28 Framed Public Library & Town Hall + Watering Street. Excellent.
Great Card.
G.L. Cook Unused Early 1900's postcard
#65 $18 Stapleton, near Clinton Excellent.
Unique Card. Message from owner of house on card.
To Annie Thomas from Mary Banks Used Mailed from Clinton in 1910. SOLD
$8 Wesley Willis United Church
Real Photo
Excellent  Unused 1950's ? SOLD
#67 $45 Main Street Looking North
Real Photo
Excellent View with Classic Cars + Royal Bank + other retail signs  To:K. Wiggins in Akron from Mother Used Mailed in 1950 SOLD
$6 Christian Church
Real Photo
Excellent  Unused 1950's ? postcard
$3 Hospital
Real Photo
Excellent  Unused 1950's ? postcard
#70 $15 Public Library + Rattenbury Street Excellent. Note: Could only write a message on back if used for " inland postage" (a Post Office Regulation) To: Marge Irwin in London Used Mailed from Clinton in 1905. postcard
#71 $10 Foster and Bayley Photographers.
Albert Street.
Excellent small cabinet photo of Victorian couple.  Cabinet Photo
4" X 2.5"
Very early 1900's photo

back of photo

#72 $15 St. Paul's Church and Owen Memorial Hall Excellent Sepia Card
Nevan Porte of London
Used Mailed in 1929 postcard
#73 $18 Victoria Square Post Office Excellent
Warwick Card
Edith Bosford Used Mailed from Clinton in 1906 postcard
#75 $18 + shipping Huron County In Pioneer Times  87 pages containing a description of the early days of Huron County plus many illustrations PAPER COLLECTIBLE 
in 8" X 5.5" booklet
One of the original copies  written by James Scott in Seaforth in 1954. SOLD
#76 $45 + shipping Huron County Museum Booklet  49 pages containing a very detailed description of how the Museum started and a room by room explanation of items. PAPER COLLECTIBLE 
in a 3 ring folder.
One of the original copies made and written by J.H. Neill, Curator of Museum in 1964 photo1


$18 St. Paul's Church
Real Photo
Excellent Unused AZO stamp box. Early 1900's postcard
# 80 $10 Aerial View
Real Photo
Excellent  Unused 1950's ?? SOLD
# 81
$15 Close View of Post Office
Real Photo
Very Good.
My scan is a little dark.
Stain on Bottom 
Unused Probably 1940's SOLD
# 82
$45 Main St. Looking North.
Real Photo
Irwin's Dry Goods, Pattisons 5 to
1.00 Store, Martins Dept. Store, Rexall Drugs, Bank of Montreal, Red & White Store + Great Classic Cars. 
Unused Probably 1940's postcard
# 83 $65 Molson's Bank and Post Office looking south.
Real Photo
Very Good. Tear on left side
To: Richard Sciatorn in Hemlock in Norfolk County Used Mailed in 1909 SOLD
# 84 $15 Huron Street Excellent.

To: Thos. Davidson in Winnipeg Used Mailed in 1912 postcard
#85 $6 H Foster  Photographer
Excellent small cabinet photo of Victorian couple.  Unusual  Square
Cabinet Photo
3.5" X 3.5"
Very early 1900's photo

$18 Albert Street as a dirt road + Post Office Excellent Stedman Card. Unused C. 1910 postcard
#87 $85 Hotel Normandie + Winter View
Real Photo
Very Rare.
Unused Very early 1900's SOLD
#88 $10 + shipping Historic Streetscapes of Huron County  143 pages + countless photos and sketches of 17 towns in Huron County by Nicholas Hill. 1983. Streetscapes as well as prominent residences. PAPER COLLECTIBLE 
in 8.5" X 5.5" booklet. Excellent resource for collectors of the 17 Huron County communities.
Note: This booklet is available at the Huron County Museum for $7.50. SOLD

$35 Patriotic View of Main Street.  Very good. Small crease in bottom right. Unused Undivided Back.
C. 1905

$18 All Boy's Class with Teacher Excellent Identified on back as Clinton, Ont.

" Mr. McLeod " ??

Unused Undivided Back.
C. 1905
#91 $15 Business Section. Retail Signs + Classic Cars
Real Photo

Unused 1960's SOLD
#93 $20 1894 Post Card  Excellent.

My oldest Clinton card.

To: Uncle John Rideout/Ridout  of Clinton from his niece in La Poile, Newfoundland. (Grabel? Kerr?) TWO NICE CANCELS 1894 postcard
#94 $25 Main Street showing Post Office with Clock Tower + Bank of Montreal + Rexall Drug Store + Supertest Sign + Classic Cars + Hotel Sign + Wagon + Keep Right Sign Excellent. Lots of great detail. Unused C. 1930 SOLD
#95 $8 Victoria Street Looking North Excellent. Small price sticker on back. Unused C. 1930 postcard

$23 Kozy Grill and Supertest Station Very good. Some album residue on back Used but not mailed. Dated 1945 in message postcard
#97 $45 Main Street + O'Neils Grocery Store on corner + WD Fair Book Store + Traffic Sign in middle of road + RH Johnson?
Real Photo
Excellent.  Used Mailed in 1922 SOLD

$4 Main Street Looking North. Nice 1940's view of stores and classic cars.
Real Photo Quality
Crease down middle so marked down Used. C.1940 SOLD

$15 Dirt Main Street + Post Office Excellent Unused. C.1910 postcard
1934 photo

$8 Post Office without clock

Winter Scene

Very Good. Few pieces of album paper on back. Unused. C.1910 postcard

$5 Post Office with clock. Only Fair. Stain on left and album paper on back Unused.
Message on back
C.1930 postcard


$32 Very Early View of The Clinton Bowlers
Real Photo 
Excellent " Private Post Card " with undivided back Used. Mailed from Clinton in 1905. postcard

$10 Public School Excellent. Unused. C.1930 postcard

$15 Early View of 3 Industries: Knitting Factory, Flour Mill and Organ Factory. Excellent. Unused. C.1910 postcard

$15 Early View of Ontario Street Looking West Excellent.

I think this is a RRPC.


Wm. Cooper Clinton

Mailed in 1908 postcard

$8 " On London Road " Excellent. Used. Mailed from Clinton in 1922 postcard

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