Sky Mobile European Roaming

Sky Talk and Sky Mobile might not be the first things you think of in regards to Sky, but they play a vital role in many of our lives. From the long telephone calls we place to family members at home to the constant connection that our mobile phones offer us out and about.

In total, more than 2 million people take Sky Talk in the UK and Sky Mobile is rapidly growing since its launch late last year, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room to improve on these services. In fact, two of the most requested features by those who contact Sky have finally made their way to the services.

The first is for Sky Mobile, and it’s a pretty fantastic one for those planning on taking a holiday or going abroad – free European roaming at no extra cost for all customers.

Sky Mobile have announced that from tomorrow (July 1st, 2017), all customers on all plans will be able to use their monthly data, calls and texts in 36 European destinations at no extra cost.

It’s just another feather in the cap of a network which lets customers change their plan whenever they want and roll over any unused data to the next month for up to three years.

Sky Mobile have also announced that customers with Unlimited Calls and Texts who wish to call or text a EU/EEA landline or mobile will be charged at the same rate as in the UK, so that customers won’t be charged for keeping in touch with family and friends abroad.

Upon announcing the change, Liz Wynn, Sky’s Director of Mobile, said: “This is great news for Sky Mobile customers planning summer holidays – you can browse and stream in Europe knowing you won’t be hit with any nasty surprises on your bill when you get home. And Sky Mobile gives you the added flexibility of being able to mix up your data, calls and texts each month and dip into your Sky Piggybank for extra data you might need for streaming videos by the pool or sharing holiday updates on social media.”

Meanwhile, Sky Talk have revealed a new scheme to crack down on unwanted and nuisance callers by launching the Sky Talk Shield.

Sky estimate that one in five households receive a nuisance call every day, with those aged over 55 in particular targeted by these unnecessary and unwanted calls. Sky Talk Shield aims to give customers control over their landline by letting them choose to answer the calls they want and which ones they want to block – before they’re even connected.

It’s the first call screening service of its kind in the UK and it works on every handset in the home without any extra kit. Once activated, Sky Talk Shield will either block robot callers automatically before the phone rings or let users listen to who’s on the line before they accept the call.

If it’s a person calling you, the phone will ring and users will hear a recorded message with the caller’s name, so you know who it is. From there, you have the option to either:

  • Accept the call for one time only
  • Accept the call and add the number of your personal Star List
  • Reject the call and add the number to a Block List
  • Send their call directly to Sky Voicemail

Lyssa McGowan, Chief Commercial Officer, Sky UK commented: “Providing our customers with the very best experience across phone, broadband and TV is something that has always been extremely important for Sky.

“The launch of Sky Talk Shield is another step in our commitment, offering a brilliantly simple and free service which hands power back to our customers, so they can stop the frustration and inconvenience caused by nuisance calls.”

The Sky Talk Shield will be available from the 9th of June for all new and existing customers.