slow sky fibre

Today, it’s almost impossible for most of us to live our normal lives without access to the internet. Wireless internet has helped us stay constantly connected to our friends, family and work, whilst keeping us entertained and informed on the biggest news stories of the day. Put simply, fast broadband is essential to getting through the day.

That’s why when you’ve got slow or unreliable Sky broadband speeds you can find yourself frustrated and reaching for the Sky customer care number. Before you do that though, take a few moments to follow our guide to see if you can resolve your Sky Broadband speed issues. So, let’s get started.

Are you in your first 10 days?

If you’ve just signed up for Sky or moved into a new home, then it’s important to note that those first 10 days of service will be used by Sky to test and calibrate your system. This is an automatic process which ramps up and down your broadband speeds and service in order to find the right settings for long term speed and stability.

On your end, however, this can be a frustrating time, when your internet just isn’t as fast as you’d want it to be. However, this is a vital bit of testing time for Sky, so don’t start switching your wireless router on and off, as this can result in failed tests which cap your internet speed in the long term. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to improve speeds during this 10-day period.

Have you checked your Microfilter?

The Microfilter is the little white box attached with a phone connector to your phone socket, connecting the phone socket to your router. Follow these steps to check that it’s plugged in and functioning properly:

  • Verify if the micro filter is plugged properly and directly in the phone socket.
  • Verify and re-attach the Sky Hub with the micro filter.
  • Make sure that the micro filter is properly connected with your phone line as well as with other devices.
  • After that, make sure to plug the micro filter as the first thing in the phone socket. Also confirm if any equipment is plugged to the socket other than the micro filter.
  • After that it’s time for the router reboot. You have to firmly press and release the SKY Hub’s backside reboot button and then wait for few minutes.

Have you tried repositioning your wireless router?

Wireless router performance is somewhat dictated by its positioning. For example, having your wireless router located amongst a host of other electronic equipment or buried in a corner. Here’s a few tips to maximise your wireless performance:

  • Place your router in a central position in your property
  • Avoid surrounding your router with metal objects and brick walls
  • Don’t place it near a microwave
  • Place it high, perhaps on a high shelf

By following these steps, you can improve your wireless performance. After you’ve done that though, if you’re finding your wireless still lacking, then a visit to Sky customer services might be the best course of action.