Sky accounts and billing

Today, Sky are one of the biggest telecommunications and home media companies in Europe, with a reach that spreads from Ireland to Germany, stopping off in the likes of Austria, France and more along the way, but that growth hasn’t come from nowhere.

From their terrific TV packages to their class-leading broadband via their mobile phone contracts, home telephone and pub & hotel software platforms, it’s no surprise that so many of us are Sky customers.

However, when it comes to paying your Sky bill or managing your account, things can get complicated. Mispriced bills, confusing online terminology and a host of other issues can conspire to confuse and annoy – but that’s why the Sky My Account Help page is there. In this guide, we’re going to share with you where to find it and the issues it can help you solve.

Where can I find the Accounts and Billings help page?

You can find the Accounts and Billings help page by following this link, or alternatively finding it by going to the Sky Help page and clicking the top left icon called ‘Your account’.

Clicking that tab will reveal four buttons, each of which takes you to a different area of their customer help area. Those buttons are ‘Sky ID’, ‘Bills and payments’, ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Changes to my account’. You’ll also see to the right of those options a number of frequently asked questions.

Here’s what those four categories contain:

  • ‘Sky ID’: Forgotten Sky ID details, create a Sky ID and everything you need to know about your Sky ID. There are also two videos explaining Sky ID and the My Sky App.
  • ‘Bills and Payments’: My Sky app, viewing and understanding your bill, call charge alerts and call spend limits, difficulty paying your Sky Talk bill, changing the method, details or date of your Sky payment, making a payment, help for Sky Payments customers. There’s also a video detailing how your account bills and payments can be dealt with.
  • ‘Your account’: How to make a complaint, Sky privacy and cookies notice, terms and conditions, Sky customer complaints code of practice, changes to your Sky TV subscription, the Direct Debit guarantee, call costs when contacting Sky.
  • ‘Changes to my account’: My Sky app, getting BT Sport on your Sky box, how to cancel your subscription, how to change your Sky package, adding channels from other pay TV providers, charges for ending your Sky contract early, change the name on a Sky account.

For the main sky contact number, visit this page.