slow sky fibre

Here in the UK, there’s no bigger broadband provider than Sky. Their fibre-optic and traditional broadband options span every price bracket and offer a reliable and universally quick internet service to anyone who wants it.

From their Sky Broadband Unlimited package with 9Mbps average download speeds to their top tier Sky Fibre Max service which offers an average 60Mbps to customers with high demands, there’s an option for everybody, and that’s good news, because today there’s little in our lives which doesn’t involve the internet.

That means when you’ve got an issue with your Sky Broadband, your life can grind to something of a halt. After all, how are you meant to work, relax or play without the internet working? That’s why Sky offer the Sky Broadband help page.

What is the Sky Broadband Help page?

The Sky Broadband Help page is a tab on their Help homepage, found at the top right of the selection screen. It’s designed to help you get to the bottom of whatever you need to do. Whether that’s get set up, fix a problem, manage your account or anything else you might be struggling with.

There are four help sections for Sky Broadband, here’s what each section contains:

  • ‘Getting started’: Installing a Sky Q Hub, Moving Sky Broadband and Talk to a new home, connecting to your wireless network, connecting an Apple device to your wireless network, connecting an Android device to your wireless network, connecting to Sky WiFi, connecting to your router using wires, connecting your Sky Q box to your broadband router, install and set up a Wireless N adapter, switching to Sky Broadband, Sky Broadband and Talk new line installation, Sky Broadband and Talk installation at new sites.
  • ‘Using Sky Broadband’: Broadband speeds explained, glossary of broadband speed terms, lights on your router explained, connect to your wireless network, connect to Sky WiFi, broadband set up checklist, your Sky booster, how to set up our Sky booster, how to set up your Sky Q booster, measure your broadband usage, how Sky’s broadband usage policy might affect you and more!
  • ‘Fix a problem’: Broadband diagnostic, Sky On Demand fixes, find and change your wireless password, speed up your Sky Broadband, speed up your On Demand downloads, handle fluctuating speeds within the first ten days, fix connection issues with microfilters, Windows 10 detection errors, broadband set up checklist and more.
  • ‘Manage your account’: My Sky app, find and change your WiFi password, measure your broadband sage, viewing and understanding your bills, how to claim your reward, how to make a complaint, moving Sky broadband to your new home, what to do before you move, forgotten Sky ID details, create a Sky ID, how to cancel your subscription, charges for ending your Sky contract early and much more.

Sky’s customer service number is 0844 324 0299. Further contact information is available here.