Sky community

There’s no denying the fact that as a Sky customer, you enjoy some of the best entertainment, broadband, mobile phone signal and home telephone reliability that can be had within the UK. On top of that, there’s the whole gamut of ways you can get help and support from Sky, from the My Sky portal to the Sky contact telephone number.

However, from time to time, we all have questions that can’t be answered by Sky’s FAQ guides or that you don’t want to bother their customer service team with. In those circumstances, you should check out the Sky Community. But what is Sky Community, is it better than Sky’s customer services like and how do you access it? Join us as we explain.

What is the Sky Community?

Sky Community is a forum, set up by Sky plc, dedicated to helping Sky customers resolve their issues, report bugs and discuss Sky services. Originally launched with that exact purpose in mind, the forum has since expanded and become a real community, with over 180,433 discussions and 35,307 confirmed answers to questions.

Many of those questions regard technical issues, making it a fantastic place to go if you’ve got an issue with your Sky+, Sky Q, Sky Hub, Mobile or Talk hardware. However, a great many of those discussions centre around Sky customers’ favourite TV shows, what they caught on Sky Sports last weekend or their movie recommendations, as well as speculate over future Sky programmes.

Split into six categories (What’s On; TV Boxes & Accessories; Sky Mobile, Broadband & Talk; Online, Apps & Email; Lounge), you’re certain to find something that fits your requirements.

How can I access the Sky Community?

Sky Community is accessed by going to this link or going to on your internet enabled device. Unfortunately, at present Sky Community requires that you log in or create an account before you can post. If you’re a Sky customer, however, you can simply use your existing Sky ID.

Should I use the Sky Community over Sky customer services?

Let’s face it, nobody likes to call Sky’s customer service team, so should you use Sky Community over their service? The answer is yes, sometimes!

Naturally, if you’re moving house, having a billing issue or want to change your package, speaking to Sky customer service is the right thing to do. However, if you’ve got a technical issue or a question regarding set up, the Sky Community could well help.

With over 180,433 discussions and 35,307 confirmed answers to questions, there’s a huge wealth of existing information on the forum, and if you don’t see your question there, you can just ask it yourself and wait for another forum member to chip in with advice, if you’ve got the time to wait.

If you need to contact Sky, call 0844 324 0299  to speak to a representative