Sky availability checks

Today, there’s no denying the fact that Sky are a media and telecommunications powerhouse, with services that many of us come in contact with, every single day. Whether that’s their fantastic home broadband, their home and mobile phone plans and their award winning TV services, we’ve all got a little Sky in our lives.

Unfortunately, that means that when Sky’s services are down, our lives can hit something of a speed bump. After all, how can many of us work without the internet, or socialise without our mobile phones working?

In an effort to help clarify the situation for customers, Sky recently launched the Service Status page on the Sky website. Its task is to let customers know if there’s a known issue with their service, and what’s being done to fix it. Here’s the most popular questions asked by Sky customers:

Where can I check my Sky TV/Mobile/Broadband/Home Phone status?

Accessing the Service Status page is as pain free as going to By going to that link, you’ll be taken to a page where, on the right hand side, you can see the individual status’ of Sky Broadband & Talk, Sky TV, Sky TV Apps and Sky Mobile.

If everything is functioning as it should, you’ll see green lights on the right hand side of the screen. If they believe there’s an error or know one to be in place, they’ll have amber or red lights.

On the right hand side of the page are two buttons for checking your specific service status. You can either log in with your My Sky information or put in your Sky Talk phone number for personalised status updates.

Why isn’t my issue listed on the Service Status page?

If you’re experiencing an issue that isn’t listed on the service status page and have already logged in to your personalised Service Status page, you should get in touch with Sky’s customer service team.

Some issues, like that of your TV losing signal could be related to weather, but it’s always worth the short phone call to clarify any issues.

For Sky telephone contact information, please follow the link.