Sky talk help

Our home telephones are what keeps many of us in contact with our nearest and dearest. To receive a call from a loved one is a special moment, so to find that our Sky Talk telephone service isn’t working can be a real pain. Mobile phones might be common, but they’re often hard to locate in an emergency and expensive to use, meaning that there’s still a place for traditional telephones in our life.

Sky have long offered their Talk plan with their broadband options, but it’s not a faultless connection, and from time to time you may have an issue that needs solving. That’s where the Sky Talk Help page comes in.

What is the Sky Talk Help page?

The Sky Talk Help page is a tab on their help homepage, found on at the left hand side on the second row of icons. It’s designed to be simple enough for everybody to find what they need, whether that’s get set up, deal with clicking on the line, moving their main telephone or any other issue you may have.

For simplicity sake, Sky have split the help sections into four, here’s what each section contains:

  • ‘Getting started’: Welcome to Sky, switching to Sky Talk from another provider, switching to Sky Talk without an active phone line, moving Sky Broadband and Talk to your new home, getting started with your Sky Hub, how to claim your reward.
  • ‘Using Sky Talk’: Voicemail, caller identity, blocking unwanted calls, dealing with nuisance calls and texts, making a call, accessibility, telecare and care alarms, call costs for contacting sky, Sky Talk user guides.
  • ‘Fix a problem’: Fix problems with your phone, check your microfilters, beeping on the line, hep with your Sky products during bad weather conditions
  • ‘Manage your account’: My Sky app, terms and conditions, viewing and understanding your Sky bills, call charge alerts and call spend limits, issues paying your Sky Talk bill, how to make a complaint, moving Sky Broadband and Talk to your new home, Sky ID help

For Sky contact details go here.